Gratiae Organic Skincare Products
The word “gratiae” was taken from a hidden thermal spring in the mountains surrounding the mountains overlooking the Sea of Galilee. This precious gem of a spring was discovered nearly 2,000 years ago by the Roman emperor known as Hadrian. His official name for the spring was “Gratiae – The Three Graces,” honoring the goddess of fertility, charm, and beauty, and fits the Gratiae Organic Skincare brand perfectly, as the mineral-rich thermal spring water is the revitalizing main ingredient for its full line of products. This amazing ingredient has drawn people from around the world to its place of origin, and now, this product roster, for its power to rejuvenate and beautify.

Because our skin is our largest and one of our most vital organs, it must be properly maintained. More than 50% of all creams, oils, lotions, and other skin products are absorbed into the body. This makes the ingredients in these products immensely important. In today’s market, most similar products are made using synthetic chemicals and unnecessary additives, rather than organic, plant-based ingredients. The natural healers of the world are plants, and according to researchers, plants have a cure for every ailment. With this in mind, Gratiae Organic Skincare Products seek to cure and treat a wide range of skin problems in the most natural way possible.

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