Eve Taylor Facial Oil #1 – Soothing 0.85oz

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Aromatic serum. Ideal for sensitive and environmental stressed skin. Soothe and Hydrate. Cools and reduces redness. This oil treatment has a blend of potent natural essential oils and nourishing plants oils that is ideal for encouraging oxygenation of the tissues and calming the senses.

For all skin types.

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Benefits / Features:
This blend of essential oils calm and help reduce redness in the skin. The unique aroma also helps soothe sensitive sinuses.
Skin softening and nourishing avocado and hazelnut oils improve skin texture.

How To Use:
Gently smooth 3 drops over face and neck. With light rotating movements massage until absorbed.
Continue with suitable toner and moisturizer.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hazelnut oil nourishes with Vitamins A, 8 and E. Soya Oil provides anti-oxidant Vitamins A, D and E.
  • Expertly hand blended essential oils of Lavender, Geranium, Cypress, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood to balance, calm and oxygenate the tissues.
ingredientsINGREDIENTScommon nameCOMMON NAMEpropertiesPROPERTIESeffectsEFFECTS
Glycine SojaSoyaCarrier OilVitamin rich
Corylus AvellanaHazelnutCarrier OilNourishing
Persea GratissimaAvocadoCarrier OilEmol lient
Triticum VulgareWheatgenmCarrier OilNourishing
Pelargonium GraveolensGeraniumEssential OilCleansing
Lavandula AngustifoliaLavenderEssential OilAnti-irritant
Eucalyptus GlobulusEucalyptusEssential OilCooling
Cupressus SempervirensCypressEssential OilOxygenating
Santalum AlbumSandalwoodEssential OilAnti-inflammatory
LinaloolLinaloolNatural componentNatural component
GeraniolGeraniolNatural componentNatural component
LimoneneLimoneneNatural componentNatural component

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