Eve Taylor Facial Oil #3 Clearing .85 oz

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An aromatic treatment serum to help re-balance an oily skin with anti-bacterial properties and help reduce breakouts.

For Oily, acne and breakout prone skin. Aromatic serum. Clear and Tone.
Recommended for problem skins with breakouts or eruptions, non-stimulating effect on skin. Ideal for eruptions on back.
Experience high susceptibility to blackheads and/spots, open pores or inflammation due to abnormally oily skin

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Benefits / Features:
These aromatic oils assist in regulating skins oil secretion creating a more balanced complexion.
Anti-septic sandalwood and lavender help reduce skin breakouts.
Easily absorbed into the skin without any after feel.

How To Use:
Apply 3 drops onto hand and then apply to face. With a light rotating movement massage until absorbed. Follow with toner and moisturizer.

Key Ingredients:

  • Hazelnut Oil nourishes with Vitamins A, B and E, Soya Oil provides anti-oxidant Vitamins A, D and E.
  • Expertly hand blended essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Lemongrass and Lavender regulate and degongest the follicles and balance skin tissues.
ingredientsINGREDIENTScommon nameCOMMON NAMEpropertiesPROPERTIESeffectsEFFECTS
Glycine SojaSoyaCarrier OilVitamin rich
Corylus AvellanaHazelnutCarrier OilNourishing
Persea GratissimaAvocadoCarrier OilEmollient
Triticum VulgareWheatgenmCarrier OilNourishing
Cananga OdorataYlang YlangEssential OilSebum Regulating
Aniba RosaodoraRosewoodEssential OilNourishing
Juniperus VirginianaCedarwoodEssential OilAnti-septic
Cymbopogon CitarusLemongrassEssential OilCleansing
Lavandula AngustifoliaLavenderEssential OilAnti-inflammatory
Santalum AlbumSandalwoodEssential OilCalming
GeraniolGeraniolNatural componentNatural component
LimoneneLimoneneNatural componentNatural component
LinaloolLinaloolNatural componentNatural component

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