GM Collin 50+ Dry Touch Sun Protection Cream Broad Spectrum SPF50 3.5oz

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SPF 50 Face and Body Ultra light, Water resistant up to 80 min.. This is a PABA-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and color-free formula. Hypoallergenic.

Recommended for all skin types.

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Benefits / Features:
Provides maximum UVA and UVB protection for high sun exposure.

How To Use:
Shake before use. Apply 15 min before sun exposure. Massage until fully absorbed. Reapply after 80 min of swimming, showering, toweling dry, or heavy perspiration. Or at least every 2 hrs.

Avobenzone 3.0%
Homosalate 15.0%
Octisalate 5.0%
Octocrylene 10.0%