GM Collin Active Exfoliant Powder 2.6oz

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Eliminates dead cells, refines skin texture, improves absorption of other products and freshens the complexion.

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Good, Healthy and Radiant Skin Starts With Clean Skin! We all have different skin types and conditions and live in varying climates (some that change severally season to season which also affect our skin), and knowing this is crucial in choosing the right cleanser for you. Since cleansing is the important first step to your skin care routine, make sure you are using the right cleanser for you. Choosing the proper cleanser … Milk or Gel? Surface and Deep Cleanser? G.M. Collin offers a choice of cleansers with different textures and specifically formulated to suit all skin needs. Gels, milks, surface cleansers, deep cleansers, there are several choices. A milky, silky-textured cleanser will bring comfort to normal to dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin, whereas a gentle, foaming, oil-free gel cleanser will be preferred by normal to oily and acne prone skin. A surface cleanser removes superficial impurities by emulsifying sebum, perspiration, dust and make-up which can be easily rinsed away. Deep cleansers provide a deeper cleansing action required for oily and acne prone skin by dissolving the inlaid liquid sebum in the corneum layers not removed by surface cleansers. Whatever your personal selection may be, it is important to cleanse your skin morning and evening.

Benefits / Features:
The G.M. Collin ACTIVE EXFOLIANT Powder: • Cleanses and purifies the skin (Salicylic Acid) • Provides a granular and enzymatic exfoliation to refine the skin’s texture and enhance respiration and cell renewal (Rice Powder, Papain, Bromelain) • Clarifies and brightens the complexion (Sea Fennel Extract) • Improves the skin’s texture (Niacinamide, Galactoarabinan) • Soothes and softens the skin (Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil) • Fights the harmful effects of environmental assaults and free radicals thanks to an antioxidant effect (Vitamin E & C Complex)

How To Use:
After the cleanser, apply a thin layer, sufficient to cover the skin. Avoid eyelid area. Leave to work for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Complete with G.M. Collin treating lotion. Frequency: 1 to 2 times a week or as recommended by your skin care professional.

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