GM Collin Deep Cleansing Solution 6.8oz. – Combination to Oily, enlarged pores, microcyst

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Deep Cleansing Solution. Acts in depth removing the inlaid liquefied sebum secretions. For normal to oily skin.

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Benefits / Features:
Normal to Oily/Acne Prone Skin. Combination-Use with cleanser once or twice a week. Deep cleanses pores and purifies the skin by removing impurities and oil.
The oxygen complex is complemented by an antimicrobial cleanser, which invigorates and brightens the skin.

How To Use:
On a perfectly cleansed and damp skin, apply solution on a cotton ball and make it foam using a circular motion on areas of concern. Rinse carefully with lukewarm water. Follow with the appropriate G.M. Collin skin care.

A triple action antiseptic and sebum emulsifier.