Gratiae Lifting Moisture Cream (with Authentic Volcanic Stone) 1.7 oz

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The Perfect Way To Moisturize & Nourish Your Skin
This Lifting Moisture Cream from Gratiae contains a host of active ingredients including thermomineral water, organic oats & oils and natural flora which are known to have restorative qualities.

Once you begin using this cream regularly, you will discover it has a profound effect on your facial skin. In order to ensure you get the very best from this product, Gratiae has
added a volcanic stone with each tub of cream; it is designed to assist with the stimulation of blood circulation.

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Why Choose Gratiae Lifting Moisturizer Cream?

  • The brand new formula developed by Gratiae has resulted in a product that can attack fine lines and wrinkles to ensure your skin looks smooth, soft and young.
  • This cream absorbs into the skin quickly which means you will soon benefit from its nourishment and moisturizing properties.
  • It comes with an authentic volcanic stone which helps the blood circulate better.
  • It contains certified Sweet Almond oil which is absorbed quickly and has a fine texture for skin that is as smooth as satin.
  • This cream contains organic ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

Benefits / Features:
Gratiae Lifting Moisture Cream is a leading member of a product line which has been described as ‘organic beauty at its best’. It is yet another luxurious cream from Gratiae and it:

  • Re-tones your skin.
  • Keeps your skin’s moisture level in balance.
  • Boosts cell renewal.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

How To Use:
Apply to cleansed skin.

thermo mineral water organic oats & oils natural flora

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