PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment (0.5% Pure Retinol Night) 1 oz

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For Oily, Normal, and Combination skin types. This treatment dramatically reduces discoloration and skin yellowing with an
innovative retinol formula powered with resveratrol, hexylresorcinol and niacinamide.

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Benefits / Features:
Nighttime treatment formulation delivers 0.5% pure retinol, hexylresorcinol and niacinamide through a patented OmniSome delivery system for an excellent brightening result. With nightly use, you will acquire an overall glow and a more even skin tone.

How To Use:
Use in the evening only.
Apply a small amount after cleansing. Use twice per week, gradually increasing application frequency to every other night, and then advancing to each evening or as tolerated. Follow with the appropriate moisturizer.
Note: It is important to wear a sunscreen during the day when using this product at night, since retinol is sun sensitizing.

Retinol (vitamin A), Niacinamide , Resveratrol, Hexylresorcinol

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