Physiodermie Anti-Redness Micro Gel – 1.7 oz.,

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Treating cream for rosacea and sensitive skin. Skin is re-balanced and smoother. The anti-redness Micro-gel will reduce the redness and discomfort associated with acne rosacea.

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How To Use:
Cleanse the skin with Shower Hydrating Milk SL and follow with toner. Apply a small quantity of the Anti-Redness Micro-Gel on the face and neck and massage gently for total penetration. You may apply the Anti-Redness Micro-Gel alone or use prior to a choice of one of the Bioaromes determined by the skin condition presented. Finish by using the Anti-Redness Emulsion on top.

Sweet Clover Extract, Crataegus Monogina Extract, Butcher’s Broom Extract, Lecithin, Non Saponifiable Vegetable Oils, Glycyrrhetic Acid, Sphingolipids Complex and Phospholipids, Phyto-Sterol Complex

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