Physiodermie Multi-Revitalizing Oil – 1.7 oz.

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For dry, chapped and dehydrated skin. Scars Gives tone, suppleness and elasticity to the skin. For the Face: Dry and chapped skin. For the Body: Dry and chapped skin, stretch marks. After laser surgery, scars. Ideal for eczema, psoriasis and light burns.

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Benefits / Features:
Eliminates impurities and prevents the skin from shining, rendering an even and matte complexion. Maintains hydration in the skin and protects it from potential breakouts.

How To Use:
Apply a few drops of Regenerating Oil on the area and massage gently for total penetration. Use alone or in conjunction with your moisturizer to re-hydrate and nourish dry skin or problem areas. Apply on recent scars to regenerate tissues.

Key Ingredients:
Ribo Nucleic Acid (RNA), Tocopherol.

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